Extreme Jeep Safari 1

Duration of the tour: 5-6 hours

Itinerary: Baku – Sangachal – The climb to the volcano Kyanizadag – Boyukdash – Baku

Length of the route: approximately 65 km (one way)

Pick-up & Drop-off with Jeep (4×4): your hotel (within Baku)

Excursion type: Private

Season: March-October

Language: English, Arabic (other languages upon request)

*Economy package – Tourists will be provided the following services:
– Professional driver
– Personal comfortable transportation during tours (Jeep (4×4))
– Guide service


  • Pick-up & Drop-off at your hotel (inside Baku)
  • Personal English/ Arabic speaking guide (only standard package)
  • Personal Driver & air-conditioned vehicle


  • Any meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance


Museum of Petroglyphsis (outdoor museum) – Gobustan or by other name Museum of Petroglyphsis (outdoor museum) located approximately 65 km from Baku.

Prehistoric rock drawings – petroglyphs – are an art “archive” of the human evolution on Earth. The “articles” of such archives are the first transmissions from the human “I” to the outer world. There are a few of such outdoor “archives” in Azerbaijan. One of them, the largest, is located in Gobustan, at the Baku State Reserve of History, Ethnography and Arts, near Baku. It is a rocky massif on the bottom of the southeast part of the Great Caucasus Range, near the Caspian Sea and a modern highway built on the ancient Shirvan road.

In mountains of Gobustan Beyukdash, Kichikdash, Djingirdag and Shighgaya there were concentrated witnesses of the past of azerbaijanian nation of the epoch of Stone Age and ongoing periods – rocky paintings, camp of man, tombstones and etc. The most significant of them are rocky pictures – petroglyphs, carved by primitive men on walls of caves, rocks and stony lumps. The aforesaid primitive monuments of art reflect culture, economy, world outlook, customs and traditions of ancient azerbaijanian peoples.

Trip to the Mud Volcanoes

According to the number of mud volcanoes Azerbaijan takes first place in the world. Approximately 350 of 800 existing mud volcanoes are found in Azerbaijan. Most of them are concentrated in Gobustan Region.

Active Mud Volcanoes of Dashgil Group

There is a group of active volcanoes Dashgil situated to the east of the Gobustan museum. You will be able to see it very close and climb to the very crater of mud volcanoes and watch the gurgling liquid clay.  Beautiful scenery, will make you feel like you are on the Mars planet (The scientists made such analogy because the surface in the Gobustan is very similar to the surface of the Mars) and the constant mud gurgle creates a sensation of an unearthly surface.